Creating effective calls to action

An effective Call to Action (CTA) is what ultimately converts your website visitors into customers by urging them to take an immediate action, whether buying your product or service online, registering on the website or picking up their phone to call you. A proper call to action serves as an effective sales tool.

The strategy, "If we build it, they will come" simply does not work. Listing your e-mail address or a phone number on your website is not a call to action, and you will lose business to websites that take the extra effort and encourage users to take the next step.

Effective calls to action lead, urge and entice the website visitor, create urgency and offer rewards. Here are some tips for creating an effective call to action.

1. Create a Seamless Experience

Your call to action should work in tandem with your customer-centric taglines and slogans and should be a logical progression, i.e., the "next step".  An effective call to action should always be supported by your value proposition and the visuals. Make it enticing and personal.

Creating Effective Calls to Action - Example 1

2. Make Your Call to Action Stand Out

Your call to action should be one of the brightest and most visible elements on the page, preferably at the same location throughout the website. One of the best locations is the top right corner or the center of the page that usually draws most attention.

Creating Effective Calls to Action - Example 2

3. Use Action Verbs

This may seem obvious, but tell the user what to do: "Call…click…register" or make it clear to them with the help of the design. This is all about usability. If you have a call to action button linked to your contact form, you don't want the user to have to guess if it is "clickable."

Creating Effective Calls to Action - CMI

4. Give Your Users Confidence to Buy

Think of ways to remove or reduce risks. No-obligation statements work great. In addition, if your service is free or you offer a free trial, make sure to state that also.

Creating Effective Calls to Action - Example 4

5. Encourage Your Users to Respond Right Away

Create a sense of urgency. Don’t give people an option to wait and ponder your offering. You want them to make decision on the spot--impulsively.

6. Use an image

An attractive image will draw the viewers' attention and further communicate what they will receive.

Creating Effective Calls to Action - Example 6

If you need help with your website’s overall design and want to ensure it’s accessible as well, get in touch with us today. We can help you develop a plan for your website that ensures a seamless user experience, incorporates the best web design practices, and is accessible so everyone can enjoy what you have to offer.

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